Exhibitions > Bright Black Starry Sunny Night (Xchanges Gallery)

Neil McClelland: Bright Black Starry Sunny Night
Xchanges Gallery
September 9-25, 2022
Victoria, BC
“Victoria-based artist and educator Neil McClelland grew up in Quebec’s Gatineau Hills. His paintings revisit his childhood home as a metaphor for belonging and a sense of place, within the natural world and the greater cosmos. These works also express our anxious and uncertain times. A farmhouse situated under starry skies or within moonlit woods communicates a raft of uncanny oppositions: familiarity and mystery, beauty and suspense, sublimity and mundanity, fixity and transformation.” Robin Laurence, Preview Magazine
Preview Magazine
With thanks to The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation for their grant which supported the making of a large part of this body of work.